Lessos Vet offers a wide range of products and is a major distributor for multinational companies such as Norbrook, Bayer, Joosten Products, Bimeda, Syngenta among others including local companies. All products are offered both for wholesale to various stockists in the North Rift region, and retail to farmers. The products range from Antibiotics, Vaccines, Acaricides, mineral salts, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, growth regulators. Lessos vet also supplies equipments from knapsack sprayers, bullrings, surgical blades, needles and syringes etc and their spare parts.

Our Products

Lessos Vet imports from the Netherlands and distributes in Kenya Joosten calf milk replacer and Multifeed premixes for Broilers, Layers, Dairy cattle and Swine.

Joosten Calf Milk Replacer is a high quality product from the re-known Dutch dairy indusry that ensures fast pre and post weaning growth for the calf. The milk is acidified to prevent diarrhea.
With the right feeding programme including supplementation with concentrates e.g.calf pellet,a calf takes 12months to mature as compared to a calf taking a cow’s milk. This is because Joosten Calf Milk Replacer is highly nutritious.

Multifeed B.V. of the Netherlands We also supply Multifeed premixes for swine, broilers, layers and dairy cattle.Having been formulated by Multifeed B.V. and manufactured in Germany by Vilomix Multifeed premix is a high quality product of international standards. A calf takes 12 months to mature compared to 18 months or more when taking cow’s milk.

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  • lessos(at)africaonline.co.ke
  • lessos(at)lessosvet.co.ke
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  • operations(at)lessosvet.co.ke

Telephone Contacts:

  • +254(0)733 610 951
  • +254(0)722 822 561

Physical Location

  • Eldoret, Headquarters Tilil House, Kenyatta Street; P.O. BOX 1080-30100, Eldoret Kenya; Tel:+254(0)53 206 3051
  • Eldoret Branch Umoja House, Kenyatta Street; P.O. BOX 1080-30100, Eldoret Kenya; Tel:+254(0)53 203 0354
  • Nakuru Branch Midrift Building, Kenyatta Avenue, P.O. BOX 3987, Nakuru, Kenya; Tel: +254(0)51 2213950

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